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Nature Tehran Attractions

Know everything about Tochal sport complex

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Since Tehran is situated in the southern slopes of the Alborz Mountain, its view from this mountain is truly breathtaking. Besides, climbing on this mountain

Making lenj, a combination of Persian art and industry

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Lenj is a type of small boat with different types of prow. People use these kinds of boats in order to travelling, taking a cruise,
Shiraz Attractions UNESCO Sites

Pasargadae: Bedrock of Iran’s History

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Pasargadae, the old capital of the Achaemenids located near today Shiraz, lies at a distance of 60 kilometers from Persepolis in today’s Fars province, Iran.
Food culture

Dinner table and Iranian food culture

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You might find some eating habits specifically just in Iran, not in any other country. Actually Iranian eating and drinking behaviors are patterned after traditional

Iran, a country of terrorism or tourism?

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Days I used to be in France, I was really curious about what people say about Iran. France, a country in where thousands immigrants live,
Attractions Tabriz attractions

Tabriz Historic Bazaar Complex

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The bazaar of Tabriz, with an area of about one square kilometer. It is the largest and most important covered bazaar in the world, located