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A film festival in Iran

dena derakhshi
Tehran’s Department of Sports and Youth Affairs plans to organize a film festival in Iran that promote marriage. The organizers announced on Monday. film festival
Kerman Food Meal time

Food tourism in Kerman

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In addition to being one of the historical centers of Iran, Kerman province counts as a center of the most delicious foods in Iran. The
Attractions Tehran Attractions

About the oldest ski resort in Iran

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Iran may not be a very good destination for the lovers of exciting sports. And it cannot be compared to the European countries. But it
Iranian lifestyle

What is exactly Tasu’a, Ashura?

dena derakhshi
The current article is going to clarify what is exactly Tasu’a, Ashura and what happens during the day of Ashura in Iran. Iran’s streets, squares, building

Giveh and its different types

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Giveh is lightweight and durable summer footwear that is suitable for long walks. This shoe that is mostly worn by rural men is known as
Food culture

Food, Iran, and its cities

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Iranian researchers working on food and cuisine believe that there are more than 2500 types of food, 109 types of drink, 13 types of bread,
Iranian lifestyle

Persian caravansary

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The Caravansary is one of the most important functions of Persian Architecture. It emerged and created thank to the routes development and needs related to