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What is Persian Miniature?

dena derakhshi
The term miniature is the abbreviated form of Minimum Natural that literally means a small elegant nature. In the Persian artistic glossary, however, this term
Food culture

What do Iranians have asside dish?

dena derakhshi
I realized that people don’t accompany hot meals with cold side dishes, at least in Europe. While cold side dishes are a must in Iranian
Meal time

Everything you need to know about Persian Aush

dena derakhshi
Aush or Aash is a watery pottage that looks like soup. Though, its cooking method, flavor, and ingredients are different from soup in Iran. Persian
Travel journal

Such a deep history and Such a mature society!

Code Pink delegation members Medea Benjamin, Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese traveled to Iran and stayed in Iran for 10 days. This is what they