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The delicious foods of Yazd at a glance

dena derakhshi
For Iranians, Yazd is equivalent to a colorful dish of pastries that cannot be found in any other city. But the truth is something else.
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Top 10 museums in Iran

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Having an ancient history and rich culture, these items are the most strong points of tourism in Iran. As a result, historical sites, monuments and
Attractions Tabriz attractions

Salmasi, one of the historic houses of Tabriz

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The historic houses of Tabriz, thanks to the paramount importance of the city during the Qajar period, are recognized as unique preservers of historical events

Persian Carpet

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Carpet and rug are an important part of Iranian culture and lifestyle, used as an artistic and a household object. These carpets reflect different parts
Attractions Tabriz attractions

Tabriz Historic Bazaar Complex

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The bazaar of Tabriz, with an area of about one square kilometer. It is the largest and most important covered bazaar in the world, located
Tabriz food

Food tourism in Tabriz

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The region of Azerbaijan has been famous among Iranians for having gourmet meals and crisp and golden pastries. If you want to eat the best