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Tehran, IR
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Tehran, the capital of Iran

Tehran, the capital of Iran is located in the north centre of IranMore than 8 million people live in Tehran and it’s known as the largest and most populated city of Iran. Tehran is respectively 6 and 11 times bigger than Paris and London. Archeological Findings estimate the archaism of Tehran back to 7000 years ago. And since 200 years ago, it has been the capital of Iran.

Although Tehran, the capital of Iran mostly was known by its political view, it has plenty of tourism attractions. In a way that many people count it as an amusing city to visit.

Tehran in another view

Tehran has a very long and interesting history. Different kings and Governance has brought out a variety of architectural style in different places during the time.

Tehran has 34 museums and nowadays, the old, architectural buildings are mostly known and have been kept as museums. The best and the most fascinating of these museums are GOLESTAN palace complex, NIAVARAN Palace Complex and SA’D ABAD museums complex.

It is interesting to know that beside these museums, Tehran has got other buildings that show specifically valuable and chichi Heritage of Iranian kings’ treasure and wealth. Museums such as National Jewels Treasury, National Museum of Iran, AZADI Tower, Glass & Ceramics Museum, REZA ABBASI Museum and of course Carpet Museum of Iran! In fact, for every single subject you are looking for, there is a museum in Tehran.

Although Tehran has many modern and fancy shop centers, it is rightly famous for its old architectural and traditional bazaars. Tehran grand bazaar and the bazaar of Tajrish are the most illustrious ones. Similarly some Quarters like OODLAJAN and Baharestan are as much aged and fantastic to visit

Nature of the capital of Iran

The capital of Iran is also very famous for its mountains and big gardens and Parks. It is surrounded by mountains and deserts. In the mountainous parts, you can find specific nature in there. People as unprofessional climbers and professional ones have an easy and good access to the mountains to enjoy their time. DARAKE, DARAABAD and DARBAND are good recommendations for those who don’t climb mountains professionally. There are also Alborz and Damavand, two tentative suggestions for extremely skilled climbers.

Unusual Things to Do in Tehran

On the other side the existence of widespread gardens around DARAKE, DARBAND AND DARAABAD in which high and huge fruit trees –included walnut, raspberry and TOUT- is another beautiful face of Tehran’s nature and its mountains.  Besides, Tehran has about 60 huge and more 100 than small parks in where you can find various amusing activities. As well as a list of sport included go Skate or skateboarding, go cycling,  go jogging, go swimming, play table tennis, play volleyball, play badminton, play chess as well as doing aerobics and circuit training.

After the revolution of 1979, we have added some more tourism attractions which are worthy to visit. They are modern and technological and  interesting to pass your time there. One of them is the Milad Tower, the world’s sixth-tallest self-supporting tower which the municipality of Tehran completed it in 2007. The other one is The Tabiat Bridge meaning nature’s bridge and locates in the north of Tehran among massive trees.